Our Scope & Influence

Our Role as Faith Community Nurses


We ADVOCATE by providing a compassionate and informed communication link between health care providers and our neighbors

We NAVIGATE the complexities of obtaining and maintaining healthcare for neighbors without adequate resources

We EDUCATE our neighbors on an ongoing basis about disease management, prevention, treatments, testing, and medications

We ACCOMPANY so that no one journeys to wellness in isolation

How We Influence the Health of Our Neighbors

Building trusting relationships

Validating the dignity and worth of each neighbor we see

Walking alongside our neighbors as they navigate their healthcare needs

Teaching our neighbors they are worthy of self-care and deserve to take care of themselves

Giving them “tools” to take care of themselves on their own

Examples of Our Contributions to Health Improvement


Schedule appointments with PCP/Specialists

Access to Prescription Medications

Access to Durable Medication Equipment

Access to Physical Therapy

Access to Insurance/Financial Assistance

Cardiovascular Health:

BP Clinics to identify neighbors who have HTN

Schedule PCP appointments

Help obtain prescription medications

Follow-up BP checks

Communicate with providers to facilitate medication adjustments when needed

Educate on signs and symptoms that warrant urgent/emergent care

Educate neighbors to change lifestyle


Check random blood sugar

Schedule new/follow-up appointment with PCP to address diabetes

Obtain prescription medications when applicable

Provide diabetic with a glucometer and supplies with a booklet to record blood sugars

Check booklet to observe trends

Collaborate with PCP to make medication changes when appropriate

Educate on signs and symptoms of when to seek urgent/emergent care

Educate on what to do when blood sugar is above and below normal values

Educate on how to implement healthy lifestyle changes to improve condition

Mental Health:

Identify neighbors who need mental health services

Collaborate with community mental health centers to provide quick access and care

Ensure transportation to/from appointments

Assist with prescription medications

Caring Companion:

Visit homes and check on neighbors who may be living alone

Provide emotional support and companionship

Spend time with the neighbor, talk, and engage

Investigate environment and home life for any safety concerns

Pray with them if appropriate, and always pray for them

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