Get to Know Me

Kathy Diener, RN

Kathy Diener has been a nurse since 1976 and has had a wealth of experiences working with people in various areas of nursing; Med surg, ICU, CCU, Recovery Room, Rehab, Childbirth Educator for a pro-life clinic and as a volunteer for suicide hotline in Detroit.

When Kathy was asked to become the Director of Young Adult and Youth Ministry, she thought it was outside of her wheelhouse but after she was trained as a Lay Ecclesial Minister specializing in Youth Ministry, she quickly learned that what she loved about this ministry had similar qualities of what she found in nursing; connecting with people, healing, listening and a ministry of presence. After four and a half years of working with the teens, parents, and young adults she felt called to go further in her Education. She got trained as a Spiritual Director 2010. Her passion of helping people to grow in wholeness, faith, and well-being is being fulfilled through offering Spiritual Direction to those searching to find meaning especially with those in the medical profession which is so very close to her heart.

Kathy has been a Spiritual Director for over 12 years working with people of all ages and faiths to find God, meaning and balance in their lives. She has previously offered individual spiritual direction and retreats in the parish setting but is presently in private practice and giving retreats for those needing respite and renewal. Kathy and her husband Mark are blessed to share their love of family (four married children and ten grandchildren), and a life serving God in ministry. She finds it a privilege to be working with the Nurses Serving our Neighbors (NSON).