Nurses Serving Our Neighbors

Our Mission

Nurses Serving Our Neighbors (NSON) are Faith Community Nurse Advocates that are providing “wholistic” (body, mind, spirit) health promotion and care for individuals within their community.  This group of primarily volunteer nurses will advocate on behalf of those individuals referred to them by faith-based congregations, health care facilities and community partners.  Faith Community Nurse Advocates will preserve the dignity of their neighbors by assisting them to make better decisions about their future health; provide them with a greater understanding of their medical condition and ways to access community resources, all with the knowledge that they are not alone.

What We Do


We ADVOCATE by providing a compassionate and informed communication link between health care providers and our neighbors

We NAVIGATE the complexities of obtaining and maintaining healthcare for neighbors without adequate resources

We EDUCATE our neighbors on an ongoing basis about disease management, prevention, treatments, testing, and medications

We ACCOMPANY so that no one journeys to wellness in isolation

How We Do It

We enhance access to medical care by:

Scheduling appointments

Arranging transportation

Accompanying to appointments

We enhance access to medications by:

Facilitating medication delivery

Finding affordable options

Navigating refill requests

We enhance access to insurance by:

Helping apply for insurance

Helping find options in the interim time

We enhance access to ancillary services:

Subspecialties, PT, OT, nutritionist, home health

Where We Do It

We advocate for our neighbors in the Charlotte, North Carolina community

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